Left to right: Beth Williams, physical therapist assistant; Elaine Werner; Casey Mask, speech and language pathologist and Melanie Carr, occupational therapist

After Elaine Werner suffered from a stroke, she was referred to The Heritage Center in Morristown, Tennessee, by Fort Sanders Hospital for rehabilitation.


Upon admission, Werner needed moderate assistance with basic mobility, transfers, activities of daily living and cognitive tasks. Werner was provided with physical, occupational and speech therapies to improve her condition.


Physical therapists taught Werner to learn strengthening exercises to improve her balance and mobility, while occupational therapists provided her with re-training for activities of daily living activities. Speech therapists also provided her with cognitive-linguistic training in the areas of neuro-developmental, receptive/expressive, attention, memory, reasoning and social pragmatic skills.


“Elaine has maintained excellent motivation from the start,” said Casey Mask, speech therapist. “She clearly strives to do her best, both during therapy and when completing homework tasks between sessions. She has had an active role in her recovery, and we could not ask for a more pleasant patient.”


Upon discharge, Werner had improved her balance and mobility tremendously, needing almost no assistance walking, balancing or performing complex cognitive tasks.


“The work they teach you has meaning and gives goals and purpose,” said Werner. “I am so grateful, and so is my son. He is still surprised by what I have accomplished in my time at The Heritage Center.”


Werner returned home independently on Dec. 15, 2018.