Irene Russell with Vanda Earles, occupational therapist assistant, left, and Beth Williams, physical therapist assistant

Irene Russell is back up and walking, despite breaking her left radius and sacrum in a fall at home.


Therapy at The Heritage Center in Morristown, Tennessee, has made the difference.


Russell came to the skilled nursing and rehabilitation center on Nov. 27, 2017, unable to do much of anything for herself. She couldn’t bathe herself, stand up, walk or roll over in bed. She couldn’t get dressed or groom herself without extensive assistance, and even sitting up or feeding herself was a chore.


The physical and occupational therapy teams set out to change that. Occupational therapists met with Russell six days a week and used Fluidotherapy® dry heat treatments to reduce her pain. They also helped her practice transferring in and out of the shower on a tub bench.


Physical therapists met with Russell seven days a week and worked on strengthening exercises, especially for her lower body so she could stand, balance and walk better. They used the NuStep® recumbent cross trainer to help her rebuild strength and endurance and trained her on balance and walking as she improved.


“Without God and His angels, you therapists, I wouldn’t be able to walk anymore,” Russell said. “I have really, really been treated well. All of the staff has been really nice.”


Russell started off the new year on a high note, returning home on Jan. 13, 2018. She is walking with a straight cane and able to balance and take care of herself either independently or with supervision.