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The Heritage Center helps Gratz recover after stroke

Bryan Gratz

After a stroke, Bryan Gratz experienced paralysis and weakness, called hemiplegia and hemiparesis, in the entire right side of his body that seriously limited his independence in a variety of ways.

Gratz had no mobility or balance, even with a wheelchair, and he was unable to perform any self-care tasks like bathing or dressing without extensive assistance...

The Heritage Center helps Weems recover after stroke

Left to right: Faith Smith, occupational therapist; Lora Bradley, physical therapist assistant; Terrie Weems; Casey Mask, speech-language pathologist; Kelli Rose, occupational therapist; and Tiffany Dalton, physical therapist assistant

In November 2018, Terrie Weems had a stroke that led to hydrocephalus, which refers to fluid building up in the brain and causing it to swell.

Weems underwent a surgery, called a craniectomy, that removed part of her skull in order to alleviate the pressure on her brain and allow it to heal.

Following the surgery, Weems could not stand...

The Heritage Center helps Werner recover from stroke

Left to right: Beth Williams, physical therapist assistant; Elaine Werner; Casey Mask, speech and language pathologist and Melanie Carr, occupational therapist

After Elaine Werner suffered from a stroke, she was referred to The Heritage Center in Morristown, Tennessee, by Fort Sanders Hospital for rehabilitation.

Upon admission, Werner needed moderate assistance with basic mobility, transfers, activities of daily living and cognitive tasks...

Life Care wins two 2018 Tennessee Health Care Association Awards

Ronald and Bevaline Willis, Group Volunteer of the Year

On Aug. 17, 2018, Life Care received two awards during the Tennessee Health Care Association’s awards luncheon in Nashville.

Ronald and Bevaline Willis, volunteers at The Heritage Center in Morristown, won the Group Volunteer Award, while Eric Fruehauf, a volunteer at Life Care Center of Tullahoma, won the Individual Volunteer of the Year Award...

Williams recovers from broken leg at The Heritage Center

Left to right: Beth Williams, physical therapist assistant; Aileen Williams; and Vanda Earles, occupational therapist assistant

After falling at home and fracturing her left femur, Aileen Williams had surgery and came to The Heritage Center in Morristown, Tennessee, for rehabilitation.

Williams arrived on May 14, 2018, needing maximum assistance with bed mobility and transfers from one surface to another and maximum to moderate assistance with gait...

The Heritage Center helps Pigott function again

Jim Pigott

Jim Pigott was completely dependent on others when he came to The Heritage Center in Morristown, Tennessee, for rehabilitation.

Pigott had just come out of an extended hospital stay for acute congestive heart failure and respiratory failure....

Rehab at The Heritage Center helps Foster get his life back

Left to right: Sonya Fisk, physical therapist assistant; James Foster; and Melanie Carr, occupational therapist

James Foster was only 69 when a series of health problems hit in fast succession, leaving him extremely weak.

Not only did he have a heart attack, but he also suffered from pneumonia, respiratory failure, sepsis, hypertension, anemia and liver shock. He was on a ventilator and feeding tube while he was in the hospital....

Therapy at The Heritage Center helps Tobie recover from accident

Left to right: Kelli Rose, occupational therapist; William Tobie; and Lora Bradley, physical therapist assistant

William Tobie was in a four-wheeler accident in fall 2017 that resulted in multiple fractures and an emergency surgery to remove his spleen.

He was on a ventilator for almost two months....

The Heritage Center helps fall patient get back on his feet

Melvin Hatcher with Jesse Castillo, occupational therapist assistant, and Sonya Fisk, physical therapist assistant

Melvin Hatcher was in rough shape when he came to The Heritage Center in Morristown, Tennessee, on Nov. 8, 2017.

Hatcher had fallen and broken his right leg and his left wrist. Complicating matters, he was also battling pneumonia and was too weak for surgery for his broken bones. He was barely able to sit on the edge of his bed for five minutes the first week....

Walking a reality for Russell because of The Heritage Center

Irene Russell with Vanda Earles, occupational therapist assistant, left, and Beth Williams, physical therapist assistant

Irene Russell is back up and walking, despite breaking her left radius and sacrum in a fall at home.

Therapy at The Heritage Center in Morristown, Tennessee, has made the difference.

Russell came to the skilled nursing and rehabilitation center on Nov. 27, 2017, unable to do much of anything for herself....